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Iced-A-Thon'2023 Awards Categories

Nominate Confidently either you or someone you feel damn fit...No stings or hidden costs attached and awards are bestowed based on nominations and the awards committee ,ICEDATHON 2024

  • ICEDATHON Awards in

    {Dental Disciplines}

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    This Award is for conventional Dental Desciplines such as

    DD 001 Periodontics

    DD 002 Orthodontics

    DD 003 Conservative & Endodontics

    DD 004 Oral Diagnosis and Radiology

    DD 005 Public Health Dentistry

    DD 006 Oral Pathology

    DD 007 Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

    DD 008 Paedodontics

    DD 009 Prosthodontics

  • ICEDATHON INSTITUTIONAL Awards For {Dental College Dept.,/Dental Clinic}(For all zones Seperately)

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    This Award is for

    DO 001 Best Department in Dental College

    DO 002 Best Multi Specialty Dental Hospital/Clinic

    DO 003 Best Single Specialty Dental Hospital/Clinic

    DO 004 Best Hospital/Clinic for Dental Tourism

    DO 005 Best Dental Diagnostic & Imaging Centre

    DO 006 Best Dental College of India 

    DO 007 Most Proactive Dental College of Year 

    DO 008 Most Promising Dean of Year

  • ICEDATHON Awards in

    {Clinical Categories}

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    DC 001 Best Clinic of The Year (Multiple Chair)

    DC 002 Best Clinic of The Year (Single Chair)

    DC 003 New Practice of The Year

    DC 004 Best Clinic Interiors of The Year

    DC 005 Best Dental Clinical Team

    DC 006 Most Popular Practice of the Year

    DC 007 Outstanding Practice of the Year

    DC 008 Pioneer Practice of the Year

    DC 009 Best Specialty Practice of the Year

  • ICEDATHON Awards in {Special Categories}

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    DS 001 Excellence in Head & Neck Oncology

    DS 002 Dental Photography

    DS 003 Esthestic & Cosmetic Dentistry

    DS 004 Best Associate Dentist

    DS 005 Dental Talent of The Year

    DS 006 Best Dental Journal of the Year

    DS 007 Best Editor of Dental Journal 

    DS 008 Dental Website of the Year 

    DS 009 Dental Author of the Year

    DS 010 Best Overseas Dentist of the Year

    DS 011 Overseas Dentist of the Year (Individual Specialty)

    DS 012 Rural Dental Service Award 

    DS 013 Life Time Achievement Award 

    DS 014 Best Interdisciplinary Dentist

    DS 015 Young Dental Achiever of the Year,

    DS 016 Dental Entrepreneur of the Year,

    DS 017 Dental Leadership Award

    DS 018 Versatile Dentist of Year,

    DS 019 Outstanding Dentist of The Year (Senior) ,

    DS 020 Outstanding Dentist of The Year (Junior),

    DS 021 Emerging Dental Speaker of The Year,

    DS 022 Dental Speaker of the Year,

    DS 023 Best Practicing Dentist,

    DS 024 Excellence in Clinical Dentistry,

    DS 025 Budding Dentist of the Year,

    DS 026 Excellence in Laser Dentistry, 

    DS 027 Best dental academician of the year,

    DS 028 Dental influencer of the year 

  • ICEDATHON Awards In {Organisation Category}

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    DDO 001 Best Student Dental Organization,

    DDO 002 Best Dental Organization

    DDO 003 Best Dental Company of The Year

    DDO 004 Best Dental Academy of the Year

    DDO 005 Best Facebook Dental Group

    DDO 006 Best Facebook Page of the Year

    DDO 007 Best Dental Start Up

    DDO 008 Best Instagram Dental Profile of the Year

    DDO 009 Best Implant Company of the Year

    DDO 010 Best Aligners Company of the Year

    DDO 011 Dental Chair Company of the Year


  •  ICEDATHON-CAFO  Awards 

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    DC 001 Stalwart in Forensic Odontology,

    DC 002 Distinguished Mentorship in Forensic Odontology,

    DC 003 Pathfinder in Forensic Odontology,

    DC 004 Innovation in Forensic Odontology,

    DC 005 Emerging expert in Forensic Odontology,

    DC 006 Life Time Achievement in Forensic Odontology


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    DCO 001 Stalwart in cosmetology,

    DCO 002 Mentorship in cosmetology,

    DCO 003 Pathfinder in cosmetology,

    DCO 004 Innovator in cosmetology,

    DCO 005 Emerging expert in cosmetology,

    DCO 006 Stalwart in trichology, 

    DCO 007 Mentorship in trichology,

    DCO 008 Pathfinder in trichology,

    DCO 009 Innovator in trichology,

    DCO 010 Emerging expert in trichology


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    DI 001 Stalwart in implantology,

    DI 002 Mentorship in implantology,

    DI 003 Pathfinder in implantology,

    DI 004 Innovation in implantology,

    DI 005 Emerging expert in implantology,

    DI 006 Stalwart in Laserology,

    DI 007 Mentorship in Laserology,

    DI 008 Pathfinder in Laserology,

    DI 009 Innovation in Laserology,

    DI 010 Emerging expert in Laserology

    Iced-A-Thon Awards At Andaman


    DAY 5 



    6PM Onwards